sounds like fire

femmes for femmes made history last night in The Cultch.

the coven of witches cast their spell, leaving us with tear-streaked faces and bursting hearts, that feeling of connection that great art inspires.

the amazing jillian christmas thanked the Tseil Watuth, XmMuthkwium & Skxumish Nations for our being guests on their land.

amber dawn take us back to the catholic church of your childhood where you knelt near the stained glass and the sun poured pink light on your hands, on the tour bus with sex workers. our hearts beat as one while you read your delicious moment of love-making in the sorority house. you cast out fear. “this is my body, this is my body.”

leah lakshmi piepzna-samarashinha, burn down the house with your badass tales of loving women and your crip body as it is. sing us another love song about a disabled queer asian woman sex worker blessing your long journey of improbable survival. we love you even when you don’t have your lipstick on.

kai cheng thom, muss up your hair, toss it over your shoulders, tell us again how beautiful you and how much you love us “31. you are loved 32. you are loved 33. you are loved. girl boy you are femme femme fabulous singing glory to us sisters, you pour lavender oil over our bodies

kama la mackerel tell us again about the house your father built, how they signed the mortgage papers for the first time in your family history, and your father, with his raw hands, added rooms till you got your own and gardens, how you feel his love in his silence, his love for twenty years in this house called home. tell us again when i told my mother i was trans, she was soft, warm, and she said there have always been man-woman, woman-man.

we felt this place called homeland last night. thank you, genies. thank you for your arsenal, Pulp.

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