what canadians don’t know

the day before yesterday, jan. 29th, 2021, Nicki Mathis flew home to the Calgary Airport from Texas where she has been recording a cd. she had had a negative covid test before leaving Canada and prior to her arrival back in Calgary. although her test was negative, she was detained by police in the airport and escorted from the Customs counter to a white van. she was not told where she was going or how long she’d be there for. the police took her to a building that was surrounded by guards. and she was taken to the fourth floor. a guard stood watch on her floor.

at the airport, she called her husband Pastor Chris Mathis and told him the police were escorting her somewhere. Chris asked to speak to the police. “can you please tell me where you are taking my wife?” they refused to say where she was going. “may i have your names?” they refused to give him their names.

in the quarantine facility, Nicki was told that she would be getting another covid test the next morning. by 2:30 the next day there was no word about getting the next test.

Nicki and Chris have left Canada about 6 times this year and have followed the protocol, quarantining in their home for 2 weeks. why could Nicki not continue to do that this time?

as Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson says in her interview with Chris Mathis, Canada has lost the plot. we must pull the fire alarm. the spirit of Canadians is being broken. we are losing our civil liberties. we ought be be terrified.

John Horgan says on Global News “if you don’t follow the public guidelines, we will come down on you like a ton of bricks.” how do we honour the government if they are not honouring us?

are we going down a rabbit hole? yesterday i saw on W5 that my friend’s son had died of a drug overdose. the opioid crisis is taking many more deaths than covid and it is not being talked about.

how long can we continue this silence? this compliance. the loss of civil liberties.

Oh Canada, glorious and free

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for this

there is only one road to everywhere and that’s the road that takes you there.

i’m sorry. please forgive me. thank you. i love you

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