a wee giftie

i keep dreaming of snow on the branches

the kid part of me shouts out with glee

snow fall. snow drop. it’s light out. it’s white out 

a snow day! hurrah! yeah!

the day.  this rainbird’s been waiting.  for years 

sometimes the weather folks get it wrong 

i remember Randy saying “when you paint

there’s a wee white border around everything”

no traffic sounds. not a one. a little light on 

in what housed the Three Green Horns

how apropos. snowfall on a Saturday

where are the birdies this fine morn? 

a lone seagull. the sky to himself. 

says “a food shortage is coming 

when the currency changes” 

i saw a movie last night written by my friend Billie Livingston 

‘Sitting on the Edge of Marlene’ – how a young girl copes with her mother’s drinking

i think of my mother coping with the drinking of my father & and all us kids

except Colleen – the only ‘normal’ kid (other than her autism)

we are losing our connection to other humans & to nature

we keep acting like we don’t know what’s happening with the evolution of our race

dad’s 84. he had his other knee operated on at Lions Gate yesterday 

the physio can’t get him up. keep him in your thoughts

i think back on ’86, the year they removed 

nodules from my vocal cords

am so grateful now to have a voice

& a dog party in the snow

i’ll give u a bell tomorrow