cat’s got her tongue

cat’s got her tongue

& she is an explosion
she puts her head on a shelf
eats shit on a shingle
pilsbury grand frozen biscuits
& gravy

twists, counterposes
all day long by the pool
unshaved legs, deodorantless pits
recalls amber dawn’s “there is room.
say it with me. we do fit.”

she does mouth to mouth on a bee
dreams all day long of hummingbird wings
while you sing “break down’s alright”
cheap thrills and lip trills

crone crow throat, the only
pictures on the wall are of her
in this, the oasis of women, where one
hollered only yesterday, “if you butt in, i will beat the
hell out of you”

she ran away from home by the age of three
the earth centuries behind her
found in a railway yard
her partner ****s magic back into her

she slows down for a mouse on folkstone road
can’t forget the doctor whose friends had **** up their arses
or the paramedics that carried the dykes conjoined to VGH
fist stuck, inject the butt

set them
“free, free, set them free.’’

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